Ahmed Farghaly Abdalmetaal

• JavaScript • NodeJS • Amazon Web Services • Lambda • S3 • EC2 • Problem Solving • Full-stack web development • MongoDB • SQL • API Gateway • Python • AWS VPC • Selenium WebDriver • Maven • CloudFormation

About Me

Self taught, passionate Mineral Resources Engineering graduate with experience in the Finance Industry as a Financial Advisor. Both AWS Solution Architect Associate and AWS Developer Associate Candidate. Web services developer, design, and database analysis. Excellent presentation and communications skills, with eagerness to learn about innovations, new technologies and leadership skills. Seek and try to inspire innovation and creativity in the work place, and enjoys problem solving, versatility, quick learner and team player

My Doctrine

Any successful person somehow has incurred failure in his/her path. What makes this person different than others is the determination to achieve the desired goal, endless passion, and continous trial after failure. Wasted tires, many whys but the path to success doesn't just come by. ALWAYS REMEMBER, "PASSION HAS A FUNNY WAY OF TRUMPING LOGIC AND FAILURE IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN.



Fekret Cloud is a serverless platfrom which entirely built using AWS services. Currently the applications that are provisioned are AudioBook and Video Sharing web application. AudioBook application is built using AWS microservices such as API Gateway, Lambda functions, S3 buckets, DynamoDB, SNS, and Amazon machine learning services Polly. Video Sharing application is constructed using S3 buckets, Lambda Function, and Elastic Transcoder. These applications are currently active and you can utilize them by visiting the platform